Project Management Training Raises the Bar in Your Organization and Helps Your Teams Speak a Common Language.

PMP and PM Training

Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Prep In-house training:

To help your project managers prepare for PMP certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), a certified instructor will teach material consistent with PMI.including specific tips for taking this challenging and demanding exam.  We have been teaching this course since 2002 and use the highly regarded  Andy Crowe materials. This course will also provide the 35 contact hours needed to apply for certification. Minimum 6 students.

A common challenge in organizations: Most teams consist of people from different disciplines who receive no training outside their own technical area.

Communication and efficiency improve when the entire team understands what risk and scope management are and how to use a schedule.

Additionally, when the project manager requests a particular piece of information, the team members understand why it is important and are much more likely to respond affirmatively.

To enhance the effectiveness of your teams, JP Stewart Associates offers several levels of customizable training including:

Project Management Fundamentals:

Working with your in-house resource, we will customize and deliver a course for your project managers and team on the basics of project management. The training includes topics such as:

  • Cost management
  • Project risk assessment
  • Scheduling projects
  • Resource allocation
  • Other key topics based on your needs


Call me before you commit to training. Not everybody meets PMI’s pre-requisites for the PMP. 781-223-7218