360° Project Management Assessments

Evaluate Troubled Projects with 360 Project Assessments

“A company with a high level of project maturity has well-trained project managers, tight control of costs, well-documented, well-understood repeatable processes, and consistently brings in its projects on-time and on-budget.” –> The Scenario of a perfect world
How Do You Determine Whether Your Projects Are on Track?

There are 3 main areas you need to look at:

  • The competency of your PMs
  • The processes employed
  • The systems to support the above

Based on those, you can assess the strengths and gaps in your project management setup and execution.

JP Stewart utilizes a proven, holistic assessment system to assist you in this process.  Our 360° project assessments evaluate your project team and project health.

PM Competency Assessment

Project Manager Competency Assessment Sample
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Project Manager Competency Assessment

• Evaluation of the competency areas and level of your PMs across the 14 knowledge areas, such as cost, communication, human resources, integration, procurement, quality, risk, schedule and scope
• How your PMs rate the supporting processes and systems
• Recommendations on how to increase competency and performance

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Project Health Check

Project Health Check Sample
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Project Health Check

• Assessment of an individual project based on requirements and goals
• Employed at the end of Initiating and before Planning phase

Identifies issues such as:
• Stakeholders are in agreement that project is set up correctly. Various different stakeholders might be assessed including: project manager, sponsor, customer, team members.
• Communication issues
• Customer and sponsor buy-in?

At any time during execution of the project, the health check can be repeated. It will then reveal insights on such things as:
• Customer vs. supplier perspective
• Reality vs. different people’s point of view
• What project challenges (if any) have changed during execution, e.g. if resourcing were a problem earlier, is it still now?

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  • You get a clear picture of the exact areas where improvements are needed to run your project successfully.
  • You receive custom-tailored, objective solutions on how to accomplish those improvements.

We can take your organization to the next level. The result will be better planned and managed projects – providing better ROI, greater customer satisfaction and lowered costs.

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