Our Webinar on How to Facilitate Productive Project Planning Meetings

Posted on: February 9th, 2019 by Jim

Recently my colleague Rich Maltzman and I published a book called “How To Facilitate Productive Planning Meetings.”


We held a well-received webinar recently and I’d like to share that with you here.

If you like what you hear, you can find our book at Amazon and other great places.

Link to Amazon


Planning is vital to your project execution and success. Projects are often multifunctional, requiring input from various stakeholders. Project planning often tends to be done piecemeal or not at all, often leading to missing and/or incomplete information and correspondingly poor results. Effective planning meetings will help you not only develop key artifacts but also provide continuous team building. This webinar will discuss how to effectively facilitate productive face-to-face kickoff sessions (both in person and virtual) and ongoing planning meetings. You’ll also learn about the impacts of culture (organizational and global) on team dynamics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why planning for your project is so important and similarly, why planning for a high-quality meeting is so important
  • Understand how to prepare for and facilitate project kickoff meeting.
  • Understand the impacts of culture on team dynamics

Here’s a link to the webinar.


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