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Wondering about whether you should ‘go Agile?’ or just getting started? Call me. Free 1/2 day consultation, phone, Skype or on-site (latter, New England only).

Call the project doctor when you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • You need in-house PMP Exam Prep or project fundamentals training
  • A Project Management Office needs to be established to gain control of your projects
  • You’re unable to pull the pieces together to kick off a project
  • Your project managers need coaching or mentoring to better execute
  • Your projects are consistently late, over-budget or otherwise fail to meet objectives
  • Your projects are in danger of being canceled and need to be rescued
  • You need training in communications, team-building or conflict resolution



Bring your projects in on-time and on-budget through the application of best practices and continuous improvement.

What We Do:

  • Successfully meet your projects’ objectives through the application of best practices, leading to significantly improved project planning and execution.
  • Manage your projects more consistently to meet their objectives and control costs.

Why You Care:

  • Fewer cost overruns due to better project and risk management.
  • Improved understanding of what the customer wants through better requirements gathering.
  • Consistent application of project management techniques within your project team for more consistent results.
  • Control your costs
  • Improve your performance
  • Meet your strategic goals

How we Differ:

We do not run projects the same old way. Rather we teach your organization – and project managers – how to fish. Or how to fish better! We come in, we get it done, we leave. Unless you want us for long-term thought leadership and consultation, we don’t become part of your organization.

Who We’ve Worked With:

–Scient Credit Union

Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences
–Baxter, Inc.
–Astra Zeneca
–Action for Results

–Hubbell, Inc.
–MKS Instruments

–Brandeis University
–University of Massachusetts, Boston
–Omnikron University
–Project Management Academy

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